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Team Skills

Improve Teamwork Abilities - Optimize Cooperations

Hannah has a hard time getting others involved in her work. Delegating work is an issue for her. She always feels she can not trust others. They not be reliable or skilled enough to perform work for her, even though they may be as qualified as herself.

Integrating the results of others into the team effort is another big challenge for Hannah. She has developed the tendency to look at the pit falls, the difficulties. She assumes the immidiate responsibility to iron them out. The result are uncompleted contributions or work piling up on her desk, blocking the progress of the team.

Sometimes Hannah feels that it is impossible to divide a project into smaller components that can be deligated to other qualified team members. Everything seems to be related to each other. Everything cries to be done by herself, but she also knows that she will not have the time to deal with it. The amount of work she has to cope for and the level of stress seem to increase rapidly in her every day work. It does not make it easier that she has the tendency to develop a tunnel vision that makes her fail to see the opportunities to reduce stress by assigning work to others.

Hannah finds it difficult and challenging to ask others for help. Since it takes all her energy and attantion to cope with her own work load, she overlooks the cues others give her indicating that they are ready to jump in.

Hannah is looking for something that helps her to increase her teamwork skills. She wants to improve the cooperation with her colleagues. Most of that she is aware that she will not be able to continue in the "full-steam-do-it-all-yourself-mode" for the rest of her life.

involving others in her work and discussing work results. In stress situations, she gets a tunnel vision and doesn't see the opportunities to reduce stress by reassignig work to others. Hannah finds herself in stress situations very often. She feels she can not give work to others, because they might not be reliable enough and might not do the work good enough. Even though they are as qualified as she is. Therefore, working effort and stress seem to increase rapidly in her everyday work. Additionaly, it is quite an effort for Hannah, to ask for help.
She is looking for something to increase her teamwork abilities and cooperations with her collegues.