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Improve Creativity and Inspiration

Tim works in an advertising agency and he also plays in a band. This requires him to have a good inspiration and be highly creative at all times. Frequently, he finds himself waiting for inspiration, while a deadline is chasing him. On top of it, he is aware that the quality of his work needs to be consistent. He will loose his job, if he not good enough.

This puts him under great pressure. He finds himself unable to relax. Tim realizes that he has no downtime anymore, no time to relax and unwind. In his freetime, it frequently happens that he's occupied with he creative "problems". The moment an idea is coming up, he needs to work it out immediately. Otherwise he might forget it. This is starting to threaten the results and quality of his work.

Tim has the need to improve his creativity, the flow of inspirations. He feels that he needs to be more efficient in creating a good result from an initial inspiration gained. He hopes that this will allow him to better seperate his private life and work.