Relaxation - Organization - Flexibility - Vitality - Self-Confidence




Focus & Organize

More spare time and less stress

Joe's life is filled with interesting and important events. He likes his job and
enjoys the many different and fascinating people with whom he works and
Joe is always 'on the go', always involved in projects, and always .
behind schedule. He covers for his chronic disorganization, with his upbeat
personality, making jokes about how he can't find anything or finish anything
on time.

Joe seems to work best in emergency-type situations. He knows the reason he is good in a crisis is that his own everyday life seems to be a constant crisis. It seems to Joe that no matter how hard Joe tries, he is always surprised (and upset) by unanticipated things that need to be done at the very last minute.
He never seems as prepared for work as he thinks he should be. Working through the night in order to see a deadline he didn't see coming is familiar to him. Joe always hits unexpected snags that take him off track.

Even when Joe makes lists and schedules, he seldom is able to follow through because a "crisis" comes up, or he cannot find his list. When Joe has some 'down time', he becomes uncomfortably aware of how chaotic and unstructured his life really is.

It is perfectly obvious to his assistant at work and his family at home that his life is out of control. Now Joe has realized it as well.
He would like to continue enjoying the various aspects of his life, but this tendency of having no time to think ahead and anticipate what is coming has gotten him into too many jams.