Energy & Vitality

More energy and vitality for the nice things in life

Maria is sick and tired of being sick and tired. She seems to lack energy for anything these days - always on the verge of feeling a bit under the weather… Even for things that are fun and enjoyable Maria seems to lack the energy.

She has many jobs around the house that she laughingly calls her "unfinished symphonies": Books half-read, folders for papers and bills that have nothing within them, cards not sent and a sweater half-knitted.

Maria feels that she is well organized, but simply lacks the energy to follow-through on much of anything. She admires her friends who seem to be full of energy. She is jealous of the experiences they have, like planning trips and vacations, Sunday picnics, planting gardens etc.

At work she seems to be getting less and less done. She finds herself taking too many breaks to play computer games.She doesn't have much to say at "brainstorming" meetings either.

When she returns from work each day, she tells herself that this will be the evening she actually gets something done. But before she knows it, she is eating fast food, sitting in front of the television, and feeling time slip away.

She seems just a bit more tired than her friends and cannot understand how they get all of their work and play done. She is looking for something to energize her and wonders if there is a pleasant and natural way to get some more pep in her life.