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Consult a professional

Auditory Processing disorders are complex and will manifest themselves on many different levels. The trained professional will be able to conclude based on the symptoms your child/you are presenting, whether auditory training would be beneficial for you or your child. Since this information is needed to plan a goal oriented Samonas SMART Listening Plan, a professional evaluation of the person's need is the first step towards professional implementation of a Samonas Listening Plan.

Monitor and Observe!
Samonas has compiled a list of indications that possibly point to poor auditory processing and consequently will give an indication whether auditory training will be beneficial for this individual.

Does my child benefit from Auditory Training?

Download a checklist for parents in PDF Format. click here

Get more information!
The auditory system is connected to multiple organs, functions and skills of the human body-mind system.

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Auditory Training

How does Samonas train the Auditory System?

Samonas has multiple effective elements:

  • The power of music - individualization of music selections based on the knowledge of music and music therapy.

  • Samonas reference point based recordings provides spatial orientation and discrimination as the basis of bilateral development.

  • Samonas System of Optimal Natural Structure (SONAS), provides music with a positive emotional impact on the listener.
  • Samonas System of Spectral Activation triggers the attention and focus of the auditory system, trains listening, discrimination, the ability to make a choice.
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