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What to expect - the benefits of auditory training


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What is Auditory Training?

Auditory Training builds only Neurological fact that the auditory system can be trained and consequently optimized for its tasks.


Why is this relevant?

The Auditory system is connected with multiple organs and functions of the bodymind system. Consequently, a well trained auditory system is improving skills and performance of the human system. Changes in development, life quality, academic performance, professional qualification and career are to be expected.

Benefits of Auditory Training

Because of its multiple Neurological interconnections, the Auditory system is a powerful component in the human system. Since Samonas Auditory training is completely individualized and adapted to the users' personal needs, it has proved to be effective and successful in targeting issues and life challenges such as developmental delay, autism, speech and language development, attention-focus discrimination, bilateral integration, analytic-deductive reasoning, multi-tasking, team skills, leadership just to name a few.

Auditory training has been used to target issues and life challenges that require professional interaction, school and academic performance, life quality, professional development and career boost.

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Auditory Training