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What is necessary to turn listening into success?

There is a clear answer on this question:


Reviewing a big number of a Samonas Listening Plans over a period well beyond 10 years, this is the primary answer.

Daily implementation of listening, meticulous documentation and adjustment of listening based on observation is almost the guarantee for success.

Teamwork, bringing the professional, the user and Samonas to one table is another factor. The practitioner is blind without the continuous documentation of the user's listening experience. The user (or the parents of the child) are tapping in the dark without proficient listening instructions issued by the professional based on the input provided to him/her.

Just grabbing a Samonas Music Recording, without taking the time to create a goal-oriented assessment based, Personal Listening Plan is like hoping for a lucky draw. You're gambling with the health and potential of your child, or yourself.