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My Practitioner gave me a Samonas CD and told me to listen to it.

Just one CD with no specific instruction when and how to use it is unlikely to be beneficial with a serious life challenge or issue. Samonas requires 2 elements to unfold it's power:
First, a goal-oriented personal listening plan based on an evaluation.
Second, an amount of intensity (listening time and level of spectral activation) that is matching the listener's individual listening needs).

Personal listening needs of an individual can vary significantly. Samonas recordings are available on 4 different levels of intensity. If listening time and/or intensity is too low, there will be no effects of listening, if intensity or listening time is too high, the listener will experience irritation, disregulation and possibly regression if the listening intensity is not adjusted properly.


How do I know that I get good quality service when starting Samonas?

Samonas has defined International Samonas Quality Standards (SQS), that define 10 criterias that are the signature of a first class quality Samonas Listening Plan.


The daughter of my friend follows a listening plan, can I use that for myself or for my children?

Using the Samonas Personal Listening Plan designed for somebody else, using a borrowed CD or listening plan, or getting a second hand Samonas listening plan is equal to asking for trouble! It may be equal to asking for serious trouble if the treatment for significant life challenges is involved.

Treatment requirements, treatment goals and listening needs of that other individual may be significantly different from your listening needs or the listening needs of your child. One listener may require an amount of intensity and/or music selection that has a potential to knock out another listener within minutes. If this listener is a sensitive potentially labile personality, it may require the service of a professional to overcome the disorientation, disregulation and potentially regression caused by irresponsible listening.


I have an MP3 player. Can I use that to listen to the Samonas Music?

It may be tempting to do with the Samonas CD what you have probably already done with other CDs. However, be aware that this will destroy and deteriorate important structures in the Samonas music. Copying a Samonas CD on a different disk or converting it to a MP3 file is not only asking for trouble, but it will only give you trouble.


Can I make a copy of a Samonas CD on a computer?

We received reports about headache, nausea, disorientation as results of copying and converting Samonas Music. Samonas Professionals have signed an agreement that they strictly refused working with copied CDs and/or modified Samonas Music.
Be aware that you are liable for all consequences of this action as SAMONAS has stated clearly what the results could be. Please don't play with the health and well being of your children, your family or friends.