Samonas Auditory Training


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We have provided high quality audio files spoken by Ingo Steinbach, the developer of Samonas, explaining

  • The need and use of Auditory Training
  • The effective elements of Samonas (Spectrally Activated Music of Optimal Natural Structure)
  • Reference point based recordings
  • The power of music

Option 1

Download high quality files for your iPod.

Installing the download will create a seperate Samonas iTunes with the tracks you downloaded.
You can decide which of this you want to upload on to your iPod.
The installer also includes a button to switch between your (already existing) iTunes and the Samonas iTunes as well as the option to uninstall the Samonas content if you don't need it anymore.

Available as

  • Download for mac
  • Download for Windows (coming soon)

Option 2:

Listen to the information online
(Please click on the tracks below to start)

  1. Introduction - What can you expect?

  2. The work of Ingo Steinbach

  3. The Auditory System

  4. The power of music - Some examples

  5. Reference point based recording

  6. Spectral Activation

  7. Listening and the power to discriminate


Important to know - Additional Information

Samonas is devided into

Personal Use (e.g. mySuccess, myLive)

    mySuccess    myLive

Coached Use (e.g. kidTalent, proCareer, Golden Age)

   kidTalent    career    Golden Age

Guided Use (e.g. work with a practitioner)

   work with a practitioner

Samonas Intensives (available for personal use, coached use and guided use)