Samonas Auditory Training

STEP 2: Create your personal listening profile

Why do you need a personal listening profile?

There are two keys to success

  • Listening with the optimal intensity
    Samonas knows four different levels of intensity and is used for an optimal daiyl listening time, YOUR optimal personal listening time.
  • Goal oriented use.
    Based on your listening needs, Samonas will create your personal listening plan.

Your personal listening profile identifies your listening needs. It has to be created ONCE only, regardless if you use Samonas in a personal, coached or guided context.

The personal listening profile is a 6-day sequence of documented listening, using personalized music, provided based on an initial questionnaire and documenting your listening experience during these six days.


How to create your personal listening profile?

  • Create your personal account and complete a short questionnaire about your listening needs
  • Decide what you want to use  for your personal 6-day listening sequence
    - high quality uncompressed audio files for your iPod
    - or Samonas individualized golden CDs.
  • Start your personal 6-day listening experience following the instructions Samonas will send to you, documenting your listening experience during those six days.
  • Send these documentation to Samonas.


When to create your personal listening profile?

Getting started

Your personal listening profile needs to be completed before you start a personal listening plan (goal oriented listening according to your needs)

It is a good idea to create your personal listening profile as initial listening experience, even if you did not quite decide which listening plan you would like to follow later and/or if you will be implementing Samonas in personal or guided context.

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