Samonas Auditory Training

STEP 3: Your first listening Plan

Personal and Coached Use

Create your personal listening plan without an initial consultation based on the information provided on this website. Please refer to the sections mySuccess and myLive for more details including criterias of what will fit your personal needs.

You can decide any time wether you want to opt for a personal consultation. In our experience, it greatly enhances the success of a Samonas listening plan

Guided Use

Samonas listening plans for issues and challenges that require professional assistance are a team effort between a local professional and the Samonas and require an initial consultation with Samonas.

Please see below on how to arrange for an initial personal consultation.


Initial Consulation

For a limited period, consulations will be conducted by Ingo Steinbach, the developer of Samonas. Initial consultations are available in German, English and Dutch language.

A consultation must be pre-arranged using one of the options listed below. Samonas will call you 5 minutes before the arranged appointment time.

Getting started UK

Getting started EUR

Getting started US

To arrange for an appointment, please call

UK Phone #: +44 203 411 8454 (between 6 a.m. and 11 a.m. UK time)

Singapore Phone #: +65-63009510 (10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Singapore time)